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Corey Silverman Glass

Jumbe - Decorative Elephant Vase

Jumbe - Decorative Elephant Vase

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A strikingly original combination of a blown-glass vessel and a two-dimensional painting. The vessel itself is hand-sculpted using transparent mandarin-orange glass. While it is still hot from the furnace, the artist "painted" Jumbe--an elephant--onto the surface, using two shades of molten grey cane. Finally, beads of molten yellow outline Jumbe's regal head. The lip of the vessel is cut and brought to a refined polish.

One-of-a-kind artwork signed by the artist. 

Dimensions:  8" h x 7.5" w x 3" d

Care Instructions

Clean with a feather duster and hand wash when necessary.

To store, wrap in bubble wrap and place securely within a box.


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