We get a lot of specific questions about our artwork, classes, and workshops. Please see if your question is answered below before reaching out to our team. If you can't find what you're looking for, we'd be happy to help you out via the contact form below.

General Questions

Will you host special events?

Sure! We're happy to arrange a private demonstration for your club or group. For a fun corporate team-building event, we can add a group lesson to the demonstration as well. Whether you're looking for something to do with a high school group, a class of industrial design students, a team of your colleagues, or a gang of friends, we're happy to accommodate you! Contact Us.

I'd like to sell your work in my shop. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do. You can order via our wholesale platform (or apply to become a wholesale buyer) here. If you have any questions, please contact us for details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we're happy to ship internationally. Please use our contact form to let us know what you'd like to order as well as your shipping address. We'll send an invoice with the correct shipping charges for your locale.

Where can I buy your artwork?

Right here on our website! You can also visit our galleries page for a list of shops and galleries; if there's a store in your area that would be a great fit for us, we'd love to hear about it!

Can you repair broken glass?

It depends; some things are easier to fix than others. If it has a clean break, it is more likely that we can. Most broken glass items cannot be "reheated" or melted and stuck back together. And, it can be quite expensive to repair a piece; our  starting price for repairs ranges from $75-$225 depending on the kind of work required... The best thing you can do is email us images of your broken item and we will assess whether or not it can be saved. We'll let you know if we can help! 

Do you accept special commissions?

Certainly. We're always happy to discuss your ideas and to create unique, tailored pieces at a reasonable cost.

Custom projects generally begin with a minimum consultation charge of $150. If you're ready to get the process rolling, please contact us.

Can we visit your studio?

Absolutely! We welcome you to witness the magic of glassblowing — and we enjoy having an audience. Our doors are generally open to the public from 10am - 5pm. We typically hold classes on the weekends, and have "production days" Tuesday through Friday so those are the best days to catch the action in the hotshop. We may occasionally be closed during "posted" hours for off-site art shows or other scheduling conflicts, so do check the contact us page for posted closings or feel free to call before you head over.

Do you ever get burned?

Of course... but not often. Burns can be gnarly, so we do our best to avoid them

Are your colors painted onto the glass?

Nope. The colors come from either chips of colored glass (called "frit") or solid pieces of color (called "rod"). They are applied hot, layered onto clear, molten glass. If you want to see how a piece is made, feel free to visit our studio!


Is there a minimum age to take a class or workshop?

In our experience, young people are incredibly fascinated by glass and we encourage them to come to the studio. That said, we've found that 10 and up is generally best for the workshops and courses. We can also accommodate kids between 6-9 years old, depending on their level of focus. It is best that children 5 and under participate as observers only.

Do I get to keep the pieces I make during a class?

Of course you get to keep the pieces you make! But you'll have to let it cool down after the class and then pick it up the following week. Or we can ship it to you.

What's the difference between the "Experience Glass" lesson and the "Glass Sampler" workshop?

With Experience Glass, one person is working with one instructor to create one item. You're welcome to book two or three Experience sessions back-to-back if you and your buddy each want to give glassblowing a try.  The Experience class is priced per person.

In the Glass Sampler workshop, you (and up to five additional people you bring with you) are working with one instructor to create multiple items over the span of 2-4 hours. We budget 2 hours for 1-2 people, 3 hours for 3-4 people, and 3.5 to 4 hours for 5-6 people. How many items you make will vary depending on how many people are participating in the class, and how many different types of pieces you want to try making. For the Sampler, the cost listed is per class session, not per person.  

Both the Experience and Sampler workshops are private classes: just you (and whoever comes with you) and the instructor.

What do we get to make during a class?

In both our Experience and Sampler classes, we'll aim to make fun and achievable items The number of pieces you will make will vary depending on which class you're taking and how many are in your group.

After going over some basic safety, shop equipment and glass blowing terminology, we get to the fun stuff. You will have the option to make a solid-sculpted and/or blown piece in your class. Often we recommend starting with a paperweight to give you a sense of how the molten glass moves and can be manipulated. Other solid-sculpted possibilities include a flower, a sculpted leaf, or a small footed tray. Then we might move on to a blown object such as a double-walled bowl, an ornament, or even a basic pumpkin. Maybe a cup or a simple "opened" vessel that involves transferring the glass from blowpipe to punty.

Bottom line: We like to be sure you're comfortable making the pieces, and that you're actually involved in the process of making it!

I saw a cool pumpkin/glass/vase/sculpture/thing on your website/when I stopped by the studio. Can I make that in my class?

No. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but... no. 

When you come to the shop you'll see lots of lovely things that we make for sale through our gallery and retail partners. We also sell these pieces, and work from fellow glass artists, out of our studio. In many cases, making these pieces requires a level of skill that takes significant time to achieve--and is beyond what we can do with you in a class. Also, figuring out which colors and patterns work well together often involves a significant amount of experimentation and development, so we feel a little proprietary about our products. In your class, we want to help you make something that is yours. If you love something of ours, you're welcome to buy it from us. :-)

I've never blown glass. How many classes does it take before I can rent time on my own?

Hoo boy. That really depends! We do offer skills-focused classes that are designed to teach you the basics of working with hot glass. How many classes it might take to get you where you're comfortable working on your own will vary from person to person. If you're interested in learning more, please call Corey at the shop to discuss.   

I have more than 4 people in my group. Can I still sign up for the Sampler class? Will it cost the same?

Yes, you can sign up for a Glass Sampler class if you have more than 4 people. Please be aware that we offer the Large Group Sampler (for 5-6 people) less frequently on our online portal. If you are having a hard time finding an opening for your group of 5-6, or if you have more than 7 people, please call us to arrange the lesson. Also note: with more people, each person will have a little less "active" time at the bench and more observing time in the studio. The cost listed in our calendar is per session, not per person. It's easiest if one person makes the reservation and organizes the group. Our website is not set up to accept multiple payments for one group.

How can I book workshops for a family or group?

Sometimes the booking calendar will show a limited number of spaces available at any given workshop time. If you run into this, and have more people in your group than the calendar allows, try signing up for a space in the next time span. Everyone can still arrive at the same time, and we'll spread the workshop across the entire span of reserved time. 

Could you mail the piece(s) to my house?

Yes! We’ll charge a small fee to cover the cost of postage and packing materials, and collect your shipping address, during your class.

Experience Glass

I want to do this with my friend/partner/spouse/sibling/child. How should I schedule the class?

Terrific! If it’s just two of you, consider booking two Experience Glass classes back-to-back. If there are more than two people in your group, or if you would each like to make more than one item, consider signing up for one of our slightly-longer Glass Sampler Workshops.

Do I have to decide what I want to make in advance?

Nope! Feel free to decide when you come to the shop.

Private Parties/Team-building/Office Off-Sites

I’m planning a private party/birthday party/team-building outing. Can we do this at the glass studio?

We're happy to work with your group! Give us a call to discuss what you’d like to do; we’ll work with you to create an event catered to your time frame and the size of your party.

How many people can we bring?

This will vary depending on what you’d most like to do over the course of your event and how many teachers we have available. In general, plan for a maximum of 20 people making an item, with up to an additional 10 attendees observing and socializing, over the course of your event.

How long will we be at the glass studio?

Again, this will vary depending on your specific party, and we will work with you to create your ideal event. We’ve found that the most successful private events generally last between 3-4 hours including time for the host to set up and wrap up the party.

Can I bring food and drinks?

There is a kitchenette with plenty of counter space available for use during your event. You are welcome to keep beverages cold in our full-size refrigerator.

How does payment work?

Once we have selected a date and outlined the plan for your party, we require a minimum 50% deposit. The remainder will be due in full at the beginning of the

How far in advance do we need to book?

Ideally, 4-6 weeks in advance of your preferred event date. That said, if your eventfalls between mid-November and early January, the earlier you can plan, the better! Contact us to get started.

Make Your Own Ornament Workshop

I want to do this with my friend/partner/son’s Boy Scout Troop/book club/extended family. How should we schedule the classes?

These mini-workshops have become a fun holiday tradition for groups of all sizes—and we look forward to including your crew in the festivities!

For groups of up to 8 people, you can book online here. If there are four or fewer of you, we'll schedule your times back-to-back so you all work together in the same area of the shop.

For parties of five or more, we’ll schedule your group across two workstations. (All contingent on COVID protocols, of course.)

If you have an especially large group, or special circumstances, feel free to call during normal studio hours to book time.

I’d like to coordinate a private ornament-making session for my team/professional group/clients. Possible?

Sure; please call (303.274.0643) or email (info@furnaceglassworks.com) so we can discuss the possibilities. Please also review the Private Parties FAQ above.

What’s the minimum age to make an ornament?

We've found that young people 10+ are fine crafting ornaments with our guidance. For those between 6-10, it really depends on the kiddo's temperament: especially wiggly ones may do better sitting at the bench with a trusted adult while making the ornament. Those 5 and under are usually best able to participate as observers… but there's plenty to keep these younger kids visually interested!

Still looking for answers? Ask us a question!