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Harvest Pumpkins + Gourds

Harvest Pumpkins + Gourds

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Add a warm and cozy accent to your decor with these blown glass pumpkins and gourds in HARVEST brown and gold hues. Individual pieces are striking on their own, or group them together for greater impact--or mix and match with other colorways of our pumpkins and gourds! Each handcrafted piece in the exquisite pumpkins and gourds collection features a tightly curled stem and rich accents on the ribs and shoulders.

One of our opaque pumpkins, the HARVEST colorway features a warm molten look, with hues of golden brown, ruby port, and tawny orange swimming in a pool of gold. HARVEST pumpkins and gourds are available in seven different shapes/sizes. All sizes listed are approximate. Each piece is individually blown and hand sculpted, not formed from a mold. Each piece is signed.
  • Small Regular - 4.25" h x 3.5"w
  • Medium Regular - 5"h x 4.5"w 
  • Large Regular - 7" h x 6.25"w
  • Gourd Large - 8" long incl stem x 4" diameter 
  • Gourd Small - 5-6" long incl stem x 2.5-3" diameter 
  • Tilt Medium - 4.75"h x 4.25"w
  • Tilt Small - 4"h x 3.375" w

About Pumpkins with Purpose Our blown glass pumpkins and gourds are hand-crafted by a team of skilled artisans in our Colorado hotshop. Featuring richly layered colors and refined accents, these pumpkins also serve a broader purpose. Blowing glass often requires teamwork and assistance from others--much like surviving and thriving in life is easier done with the supportive assistance of family, friends, and a broad community.

Through our Pumpkins with Purpose program, we donate a percentage of each sale to select non-profits that are working to share art, creativity, joy, support, advocacy, empowerment, and understanding within the United States

Care Instructions

Our pumpkins and gourds are sturdier than they may seem, but we still recommend that you handle with care. 

Lift the pumpkin/gourd from the main loop of the stem and hold one hand underneath the body of the pumpkin. 

Clean the curly stem with a feather duster and the body with a damp cloth using a bit of windex or other glass cleaner. 

To ship or store pumpkins/gourds, gently wrap bubble or tissue around the curly stem as well as plenty of bubble around the body of the piece. Pack in a box with at least 2” of cushioning on all sides; for shipping we highly recommend double-boxing.


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