What a difference 10 days can make!

We've stayed in our own bubble since March 13th but as COVID-19 crawls across every surface, the local governments of Denver and Boulder have issued shelter-in-place orders through April 10. It is unclear whether Jefferson County (right next door to both, and where our studio is located) will follow suit; we are pre-emptively tightening the bubble at the studio. 

We've already postponed classes into mid-April. The studio will not be open to visitors for the duration of these shelter-in-place orders.

Our online shop remains open and we would be delighted to pack up any of our lovely things to send your way.

If you've got special projects to discuss, please reach out.

Our retail partners are being as deeply affected by this situation as we are; unfortunately it translates into hard times all around. Whatever little things we can help you with for the duration ... please don't hesitate to ask. For example: 
  • Considering how to brighten up your home? This is a great time to commission us to create your custom piece.
  • Need unity glass for a wedding later this year? We can mail that to you.  
  • Want to repair a family heirloom made of glass? Send us a description and we'll see what we can do.
Bottom line: we're all taking it one day at a time. Art, and artful things, can bring a little joy into the everyday. If we can help you get through by brightening the day with some of our art, let us know.

And we'll look forward to seeing you again in person just as soon as our communal health and wellness allows!
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