Now booking: limited classes this summer

Now booking: limited classes this summer

The defining characteristic of summer is ... heat!

Here in our hotshop, we've always got the hot going on. It's just a little extra-intense in the summertime. Which is why as a general rule, we shift to a summer schedule (earlier hours and limited classes) from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

This year, of course, a pandemic has had its way with the world ... and continues to be a very real concern for all of us ... but we need to find ways to move forward with living and working alongside COVID-19.

We've been making our lovely things all along (if you need any gifts for Dads, grads, couples anywhere along their wedding journeys, or just a pick-me-up made from glass, we've got you covered!). And now, we're cautiously inviting people back for some classes, in case you're as stir crazy as us!

When will these classes be offered?
Right now, we have opened a limited number of classes from late June until Labor Day. Remember, we are a working art studio, so M-F is devoted to making work that we send to our gallery partners. That also means we generally only offer classes on the weekends.

Because of the heat, our classes will be held early in the day. Trust us: the hotshop at 3pm on a 90-degree day when the glory hole has been blasting out heat for hours will suck every last drop of moisture from your body and possibly also your brain.

Look for a (limited!) number of class options between 8am and 11am on select Saturdays. We recommend the earliest booking time you're comfortable getting to on time. Depending on how things evolve in the coming weeks, we may add in some Sunday hours; we'll keep you posted...

How will classes work this summer?
At this time, instead of blown objects we will focus on solid-sculpted items in classes--but there are plenty of fun sculptural things to try. Think:  sculpted flowers ... swirly paperweights ... round tiles ... hearts ... splash bowls ... Bottom line, molten glass is a crazy medium regardless of how you manipulate it!

We have built in time to clean between each class session. To keep this a smooth process, we ask you to arrive at your scheduled workshop on-time, and to allow the teacher the time and space at the end of your class to prepare for the next group. To help with your planning: a group workshop with three or four students will last about 3 hours; a group workshop with one or two students will last about 2 hours; plan about 30 minutes for each "Experience" workshop. So if you have booked two Experience sessions starting at 8, expect to be here from 8 to about 9.

Side note about group workshops: by "group" we mean your group. Whether you sign up as one person taking a small group workshop or four people for a large group workshop, the only people in your group workshop will be your crew of people, plus the instructor. We do not combine you with unknown other individuals in a single workshop.

We ask that everyone use a squirt of hand sanitizer when entering the shop (or wash hands with soap and water in our bathroom.) Please wear a mask for the duration. Any students not wearing masks may be asked to step outside.

If you feel at all unwell, please don't come in!

Sweet! Where can I sign up?
Check out the current calendar under the "Classes and Studio Rental" page.
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