Livestream Tuesdays!

Livestream Tuesdays!

While hunkering down this spring, we decided it was time to play with some new technology. We love glass but, y'know, it's pretty ancient tech. So we invested in a nifty new camera and we've been experimenting with livestreaming.

It's been fun. So fun, in fact, that we decided to make it a regular thing. Introducing: Livestream Tuesdays!

The quick details
When: Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 pm Mountain Time, from May 12, 2020 until further notice
Where: On our Facebook page; click "Live" in the list at the left of the page
What: Demos of different blown and sculpted glass items, crafted by Corey with an assistant, and accompanied by Q&A/chats about the process of working with hot glass.
How Long: About an hour

We believe strongly that art matters. Creativity matters. We think it's important to share that belief with young people--well, actually, with all people.  

And ... ahem ... we know how easy it is, especially these days, to get sucked into all kinds of online vortexes and YouTube binge-watching. So we thought it might be nice to offer an alternative. Something you don't see every day, with the potential for a little more direct engagement.

Direct engagement?
When we teach in-person classes, we always do a demo first so the attendee(s) can see how a piece is made. But of necessity, most of these pieces are fairly simple.

In these new demos, we'll focus more on the demonstration, making things that are more complex and trying new techniques. Throughout, we'll be monitoring the livestream feed and answering questions as they come. We want to encourage all your curiosity!

Make it an event!
Although our live feed will be available for any Facebook viewer, we'd be happy to make it a bit more customized for particular groups. Here's how we see that working*:
  • Contact Us about putting "your" demo on the schedule.
  • Be sure to share a little bit about your group so we can prepare an age-appropriate pre-demo introduction.
  • As the VIP demo attendees, you can guide what we'll make. Right now*,  when you schedule "your" demo, we'll ask you to pre-select one item from a list of possibilities ... and then we'll make it on "your" day.
  •  Invite all your peeps to the virtual watch party!
​(*all of this is subject to change as our livestream events evolve)

What kinds of things might get made on a Livestream Tuesday?
  • Amorphous wall sculpture with multi-tone pattern
  • Water pitcher with 3 tone color fade and a handle
  • Wine carafe with implosion bubble for ice
  • Crackle rock sculptural vase
  • Optic molded handkerchief /wavy bowl (think Chihuly-ish)
  • ???? We'll see where our imaginations take us...
What will happen to the demo pieces?
We'll probably offer them for sale--so if you decide you want the piece you watched us make, speak up!

We can’t wait to see you online.
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