Columbines for Veterans - live!

Columbines for Veterans - live!

Last week, Corey and I were invited to the monthly meeting of VFW Post 1 here in Denver. It marked a transition of sorts: the end of developing a very exciting project, and the beginning of putting that exciting project "out there."

Let me explain. [pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1 (yes, that would be the first-ever and oldest VFW post in the world), located in the Sante Fe arts district of Denver, asked us to create a commemorative sculpture to honor Coloradans who gave their lives while serving in the military during World War I.

Blue and white glass flower with medallion

If you've forgotten your history, the United Stated entered WWI on April 6, 1917 -- one hundred years ago.  

The Colorado Columbine is our state flower.

The Furnace teamed up with Post

1 Foundation to create the Remembrance Columbine: a limited-edition line of sculpted flowers, each adorned with the name of one Coloradan who served--and perished--during WWI. 

All the proceeds from sales of these sculptures go to the Post 1 Foundation Capital Campaign, a fundraising project in support of VFW Post 1's mission to provide a variety of much-needed programs to former servicemen and women, including art and art therapy, 1-1 mentoring, job preparation, health and wellness programs and much more.

We'll share more about how the project came about as time permits, but for now, we encourage you to visit VFW Post 1 to learn more about what they offer our veteran community. And head here to buy your own Remembrance Columbine!

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