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Patternscapes - Collaborative Works with Helen Rudy

Patternscapes - Collaborative Works with Helen Rudy

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Patternscapes--a collaborative collection of one-of-a-kind kilnformed and blown glass vessels and platters—emerges from combining the expertise of fused-glass artist Helen Rudy with that of soft-glass artist Corey Silverman.  While there are similarities among overall forms in this collection, each piece is unique thanks to the arrangement of colors and the ways in which those colors “move” while worked in the hotshop. 

  • Rudy begins by creating layered “pattern bars” of colored glass in the kilnforming studio, then cutting the brick-like slabs into mini-bricks that are fused again into a flat tile of distinctive color and pattern.
  • In the hotshop, Silverman picks up the tile on a collar of furnace glass, rolls it into a cylinder, and creates a bubble that is in turn sculpted using traditional glassblowing techniques.
  • Certain pieces incorporate an additional process known as coldworking—the cutting, grinding, and polishing of angles and facets into the blown vessel. This adds a level of precision, and sometimes texture, that can’t be achieved in the hotshop alone.
  • The result is a series of vessels and bowls with intense colors and carefully controlled designs that are unlike anything previously achieved through either kilnforming or blowing alone.

**Each piece is original, one-of-a-kind, signed and dated by both artists.*

Care Instructions

Clean with a feather duster and hand wash when necessary.

To store, wrap in bubble wrap and place securely within a box.


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